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Yenen Overfill Valve

Overfill Prevention Valve

Yenen Overfill Prevention Valve; It is a safety valve used in underground fuel tanks to eliminate fuel spills that may arise from overfilling. When the amount of fuel in the tank reaches 90% of the tank capacity, it slows down the filling and automatically stops filling when the amount of fuel reaches 95% of the tank capacity. Besides that if

If desired, the fuel level in the tank can be adjusted to the desired value during filling via the Yenen Overfill Valve.

The Yenen Overfill Prevention Valve is mounted on a 4 ”Square Flange under 4” T, located on the manhole of underground fuel tanks.

Material Specifications:

Body: Aluminum
Tube: Aluminum
Valve: Zamak
Float: PolyethylWidth

Normally for 4 ”filling pipe: 1325 lt / min
Minimum flow rate required for Over Fill Valve operation: 680 liters / min
Maximum working pressure: 0.7 bar
Packaged weight (including Overflow Valve pipe): 15kg

Length of Overfill Valve body: 458mm
Length of Overfill Vallfi pipe: 3700mm
Assembled maximum. length: 4100mm