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Yenen Nozzle

Yenen Autogas Filling Nozzles are designed for Italian type connections. All LPG filling nozzles are manufactured for the safety and efficiency of the LPG filling process.

Features & Benefits

It is operation-friendly in a single-use operation. The entire filling operation is based on the nozzle’s vehicle tank and is based on simply squeezing the trigger. Ergonomic design. The isolated nozzle trigger protects the user from the heat differences caused by intense LPG flow. It provides easy use thanks to its flat joint at the nozzle entrance, which can rotate 360 degrees It has a very safe design. Traceability is provided with leak test and serial numbers for each nozzles. The design is compatible to protect the operator’s hand. Maximum working pressure is 24 bar and works between -40 +85 degrees

ATEX Certified.