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Yenen Blog

Yenen Pulser

Yenen Pulser, which has been validated and commissioned in mid-2018, has also started to be used in Yenen LPG Dispensers within the framework of Module D and ATEX, which completed all of its certifications in the same year. Yenen Pulser, which is being used successfully

2nd Term BP Maintenance

Maintenance of BP Dispensers in total in the country was successfully completed this year by a total of 695 Stations by Yenen Engineering Teams. This completed operation was carried out by our HSE-G Rules, our Safe Working Method Statements, Generic Risk Analysis and Experienced Up-to-date

BP Turkey

106 years of fuel distribution, marketing, contributing significantly to the Turkish economy with its ventures in refining areas BP Turkey to serve its customers with its 695 petrol stations in our country. The main objectives, to continuously improve the quality of products and services, products