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HSSE Policy


The aim of the Defeated HSSE Policy is to protect and develop people and the environment while fulfilling our mission. Our managers consider HSE policy as the most important management tool. In addition, our employees learn the procedures and instructions stipulated by this policy and implement them in their work. The outline of our HSE policy can be summarized as follows;

1. Taking proactive measures to prevent accidents,
2. Preparation of reactive measures to minimize negative consequences in case of an accident,
3. Saving accidents and drawing meaningful and useful results from them, sharing these results with the employees,
4. Regular implementation of HSE internal audits,
5. Defining the powers, duties and responsibilities of HSE officers,
6. Planning and implementing HSE education, establishing and developing the HSE culture, ensuring the adequacy of education,
7. Understanding the HSE policies and targets of our customers and making their requirements,
8. To control the wastes generated as a result of our activities and to minimize environmental impact,
9. Taking all precautions in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental legal regulations and customer conditions,
10. The new business areas and projects that we will develop are protective and developing of the environment,
11. To adapt, maintain and improve our work environments in accordance with occupational health conditions.
12. As all employees, we are committed to acting in accordance with our HSSE policy stated above.

@Yenen Engineering, 24.01.2024