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Quality Policy

YENEN ENGINEERING aims to provide continuous customer satisfaction as a pioneering and exemplary company by manufacturing in line with contracts and standards in line with customer demands and expectations for the oil & gas industry.

Our Quality Policy is as follows:

– To continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system based on the efficiency of our processes,

– To increase our international competitiveness by applying technological developments beyond meeting the requirements of the National and International Standards and customer expectations,

– To achieve company and unit targets based on the participation of all employees and our quality policy.

– By managing the Quality Management System in an integrated manner with Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems; To continue its activities as an exemplary company that respects people, environment and nature,

– To meet the training needs of all employees, to get their creative and feasible ideas,

– Based on the data collected and obtained; To evaluate the suitability of the quality management system annually and to ensure its continuity constitutes our quality policy.

@Yenen Engineering, 24.01.2024