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Yenen Flowmeter

YENEN LPG flow meter is used in a hydraulic set such as automatic gas distributors for LPG measurement systems. The meter is a liquid measuring device. This volume meter operates with four pistons. Flow measurement is carried out by positive displacement of the four cylinder volumes by oscillating piston movement.

LPG (liquid) passes through four cylinders that convert flow energy into piston movement. Liquid displacement takes place simultaneously. Upon entering the liquid, another part of the fluid is sent to a cylinder via the distribution valve. At the same time, the liquid in front of it is transported out of the meter.

The four pistons in the cylinders are grouped in pairs, and each pair is attached to a crankshaft that makes a rotation of the crankshaft.

Since the volume of the cylinder is known (0.125 liters) and the same amount of fluid passes through the meter during each cycle, the exact volume of fluid passing through the flow meter is also known. One full cycle is equivalent to 0.5 liters measured volume.

The rotational movement of the crankshaft is transferred out of the flowmeter through the magnetic coupling. Rotations are transferred to an electronic recorder or directly to a mechanical recorder via a pulse generator.

Pistons are metal round discs covered with larger teflon seals. There is no metal-to-metal contact inside the cylinder. This prevents wear of moving parts, which means there is no internal leakage and therefore accuracy remains consistent.

The crankshaft is fixed between a steel ball underneath and a steel ball bearing at the top. These bearings do not require lubrication and therefore no maintenance is required.

Magnetic clutch It is a special feature in the eaten meter that makes mechanical seals unnecessary. The magnetic coupling connects the inner crankshaft to the shaft outside of the meter in a unique design.

Yenen carefully selected all materials to suit the measurement requirements and operating conditions. All these features are designed to ensure long service life and high precision as well as low maintenance requirements and high reliability of the measuring device.