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UPP Products

UPP Product Group is specially designed for fuel stations. It offers flexible infrastructure piping solutions for the transfer of petroleum-based fuels. UPP is a non-metallic system and is made of polyethylene. There is a choice of single walled casing pipe between 32 mm and 160 mm and double walled pipes of 40, 63, 75, 110, 125 and 160 mm. The UPP piping system is equally suitable for both suction and pressure systems, including sump on the pump and on the tank. For these reasons, the UPP piping system meets all the requirements in a fuel station; suction lines, pressure lines, siphoning system, steam recycling, breathing and central filling systems. Double-wall piping systems are used in situations where certain risks create additional security needs.

While the smooth piping type of the UPP piping system, the variety of thermofusion welding sockets, pipe and fitting diameters enable this system to be used very efficiently, it takes advantage over alternative systems:

  • Fast, easy, therefore low installation costs.
  • Maintenance free design.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • It is suitable for modifications to be made in both new applications and existing stations.
  • All welded joints provide continuous sealing without losing full working pressure and test pressure properties.
  • The flexibility of the pipes ensures that they are not affected by ground movements.
  • It greatly reduces pressure losses.

Product Group 

UPP Pipe UPP pipe is produced by using an extrusion method that ensures smooth surface of the pipe at the end of manufacturing. Thanks to this feature, pressure losses caused by friction on the inner surface of the pipe are minimized. Pipes are produced in various diameters and shipped in the following lengths:

50 mm diameter. 100 meters coil.

63 mm diameter 85 meters coil and 6 meters length pipes.

90 mm diameter. In 6 meter length pipes.

All pipe types can be combined with the fusion source during the installation at the station, thereby ensuring continuity in the pipeline.

UPP Extra Pipe is developed for use in Fuel Oil product lines and the inner surface of the pipe carries a specially modified nylon liner layer that does not allow fuel permeability. UPP Extra is easily identified by the yellow liner layer in the pipe. The pipe is produced in various diameters and can be supplied in the following lengths:

32 and 50 mm diameter 100 meters coil

63 diameter 85 meters coil, 12 and 6 meters length

90 and 110 mm diameter 6 meters length

160 mm diameter 12 meter length pipe

All pipe types can be combined with fusion welding at the station to ensure continuity in the pipeline.

Double Walled Pipe In cases where special conditions are required, UPP extra pipes are used with a secondary wall. UPP Extra pipes with diameters of 50 and 63 mm for suction and pressure lines are placed in 63 and 75 mm polyethylene second wall pipes and used as 30 and 50 m coils.